Friday, April 8, 2011

Mercury as a Cause of Yeast Infections

Particularly if you experience lingering yeast infections symptoms you should test for mercury or heavy metal toxicity, not just yeast infection, as the symptoms of both are quite similar.

The metal elements iron and copper provide some benefit to our bodies but metal toxins such as lead,aluminum and mercury are just that: toxins, and of no use. The ingestion of sufficient quantities of these toxins can result in severe toxic overload. However usually toxicity is of the chronic kind i.e we absorb elements from our lived-in environment.

How are we exposed to toxic heavy metals?

Well-everywhere. These can be found in products women use to color their hair to the silver amalgam fillings beloved of dentists in the last few decades. The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was forced to admit recently that mercury in dental fillings can be linked to ill-health in women and children-see the link by Dr Mercola.  Unfortunately these toxins can even be found in food and water supplies and even in the air we breathe. Can also come from chemicals such as insecticides, solvents and pesticides.

How do I Know if I Have Mercury Poisoning Symptoms?

Blood tests are usually employed to detect acute poisoning. Habitual toxicity is far more common.
Hair Mineral Test
A hair mineral test or "urine challenge test" are most often employed to determine toxicity. The heavy metal detox product,which we recommend (see link at the end of this article), has a quick quiz you can freely take to determine general toxicity. So our advice is to go there. For those who just want some basic guidelines in doing a mercury detox, here they are, but it is a good idea to follow these along with any advice from your chosen health-care professional.

Mercury and Heavy Metal Cleanse

The most important thing is to cleanse out the colon so that you are having two bowel movements a day. What you need to do is make sure the liver and lymph system are ready to work properly and that the mercury does not get re-absorbed. To take an all-in-one colon and parasite cleanse is the best thing, whilst also taking a probiotic The probiotics help keep the detox pathway open,and keep you regular, and you take the probiotic after you have finished with the colon cleanse.. Obviously you should drink lots of pure water during the day whilst doing the mercury-candida detox. Doing regular exercise that helps you to sweat will also help the body get rid of the toxins.

You should be following the yeast infection diet as you are doing this, and take a good vitamin supplement.

You can find out more about chronic yeast infections and mercury poisoning here.

And if you already know you need a Heavy Metal Detox Visit the Heavy Metal Detox Website Here

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